Special Seating by Jean Anne Zollars

Reviews from Experts

“Jean Anne successfully brings back the essence of special seating. She has married the skills of the artisan with the knowledge of the scientist. Special Seating: An Illustrated Guide provides a comprehensive guide to the process of providing special seating. Most notably, it successfully provides guidance for the difficult step of going from simulation to defining the seating system. This book should be read by all clinicians and technicians providing seating systems. It is a must for anyone new to the field.”

"In this user friendly book, Jean Anne Zollars details the art and skills required for seating, especially in relation to the more severely disabled population. The book is detailed and comprehensive, still stressing the importance of considering the whole person in the context of his environment. The illustrations and case reports clarify and enhance understanding of particular points and conditions. In addition, the recommendations serve as a basis for much debate and discussion between experts in the field."

"The art and science of seating are carefully described in this comprehensive volume. The author takes the time to carefully explain everything and encourages the use of a hands-on approach to assessment, something that is often overlooked. This book should be read by everyone involved in assessing clients for seating and wheeled mobility."

"Jean Anne offers an easy to follow, client-focused and problem-solving approach on special seating. There are plenty of innovative ideas for everyone working in less resourced settings. This book is an essential item for every seating clinician's toolbox!"

"This book is an indispensible resource for anyone who intends to make seating that is truly safe, appropriate and comfortable for wheelchair riders. As a wheelchair rider, I know first hand how lethal poor posture and pressure distribution are-and how difficult it is to build seating that works. Jean Anne Zollars has provided the reference that I will rely on to do no harm."

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